0.1.7 (2024-04-30)#


  • Added DomainOfAnalysis class to help set the domain of analysis on a new model.

  • Add workspace option where we previously relied only on the global workspace

  • Add


  • Reestablish python 3.9 compatibility.

  • Bump wakepy lib to fix errors when not able to prevent sleep during optimization.

0.1.6 (2024-04-25)#



  • The method now raises an exception if no workspace is provided and none is configured.

  • Fix RecursionError on authentication refresh

0.1.5 (2024-04-15)#

  • Training can now be launched using the most recent model configuration from a project.

  • Enabled non-interactive mode capability, allowing for automation or operations without manual inputs.

  • Added new validation Project.is_trainable() to verify if the project meets all minimum requirements for training.

  • Added new method Project.get_variables() to get all available variables used for a model’s inputs and outputs.

  • Fixed bug where a subset of training data could not be pulled. A subset of training data is now correctly retrieved.

  • Fixed erroneous call to a private function during the optimization run.

0.1.4 (2024-02-26)#

  • Less verbose sse disconnects

  • Fix client config vars being described two times

  • Fix type/KeyError in workspace.model.post_processings

  • Fix monitor_callback interface not respected in upload_file_with_presigned_post

  • Fix README indentation

0.1.3 (2024-02-02)#

Fix config args not taken into account if a config file is not found

0.1.2 (2024-01-24)#

Fix training data upload_folder method

0.1.1 (2024-01-19)#

Fix badges

0.1.0 (2024-01-19)#

Initial release